Confusion Is A Strange Beast

What does pleasure mean to me?
What does pleasure mean to you?
What does pleasure mean to us?

Something good or ecstatic
Or fabulous or simply so special
that we are full of laughter and joy.

Five to nine, seven to six.
Real award?
Plan is here.
Must be there.
Clock is running all wild.
That is disturbing.

It´s something
that is happening
between us.

How to move each other
in the right way?
Not easy all day.

There is
a shadow mover
Just must name it
and it drives.

is a strange beast.
It comes
if you are not expecting.
A tricky animal,
a tricky one.

I don´t understand.
I really can´t.
I can´t.

The other beasts,
watch out,
are the beasts within,
within your self.

Regaining focus.

is never
what it
seems to be.

To steal
fire from heaven
you must move
your ass.

Sampled self.

To see something
out of the static.
Where am i
Is this really
the right position?
Shouldn’t i think
the position
i am on?

Not every
is easy to made.
in the way
to operate
in the best way.

Sonic sigils
to formulate
my will.
self manipulation.

In the absence
of desire
i feel
starting lost.

Special moments
out of the past.

The skin of a drum.

I am like this drum.
I’ve got the skin
and i need to be
touched to be played.

To go straight to
the point to remember.
Should not forget
about that.
Really should
not forget about that.
That’s a mistake
to forget about.

Raised voices.
Move your self up.

Jumping back.

Walking my dream.
Walking my dream.
Very slowly.
Slightly small changes.

My father’s way of life

was going through the bottle

into his own suicide.

The way of my mother
was leading to
listen to ugly voices.

All that isn’t my way.

In a way, struggling
to find a better way to go.

If there is a flow to find,
never hide, never hide.

Feeding the demon with
too many drinks has
never been the best idea.

Possibilities and movements.
Steps and directions.

A collaps
is a collaps
is a collaps is a collaps
is a collaps is a collaps
is a collaps is a collaps
is a collaps

Sometimes it needs
just a push
to the right time
in the right moment
by the right person
in exactly the right moment

where you have
been able to listen.

Disturbances, disturbances
disturbances, disturbances
disturbances, disturbances
disturbances, disturbances.

Time to wake up
and remember all.
I need insights.
Can not take too much shallowness.
And it’s always so easy to forget.

We are not sure
where the real fun should be.
We are not sure
where the real fun should be.
We are not sure
where the real fun should be.

Thinking about lost opportunities
and mistakes of myself.
Stupid things or things
i have not done.

Follow my heartbeat.
My rhythm.

My very own rhythm
as long as it goes.

I really don’t wanna disco
or two or three or one.
It’s all for a good look.
It’s all for a good sight.

But the stroboscopic inventions
are really nice indeed…

Which dream will be the
last in this moment we are
in flesh?


Time is up
on your side.
Time is up
near by.
Time is up
on your side.
Time goes down
and up and down.

Time ends some times for
some body or soul or dream
or what ever it could be.
General movement
seems to be downwards.

In your case
it’s all about doing,
doing and doing.
All and everything
that’s inside to find.

Walk my self
side by side.

To understand
side by side.

No one is ruling.

Travel without trouble
or treble too much
but look for the frequencies
that will you touch.

Keeping desire alive
means a state of vitality.

That’s why we are alive.
That’s why we are alive.
That’s why we are alive.
That’s why we are alive.

Using my own speech
to get a clearer idea about me.
What’s my self
i would prefer?
A question of pressure.

What is your self talking?
I am interested into
what your self is talking.

No way to find out
if you are not doing.

If you are not doing,
if you are not creating,
you are dying a slow death.
Do not forget that.
Please do not.

The words in
a sequence but i am
not sure how this is

Good to know
what you not like,
better to know
what you like.

What is happening
is happening
and what is
not happening
isn’t there.

A slow death
is hell on earth
in time.
Day in day out
until the end.

To my self.
with my self.
My self is talking.
Is my self token?
Who took my talk?
You can
ask yourself
quite often.
So don’t forget.

Dream talk.
Laughter talk.
Desire talk.
Wonderful talk.
Body talk.
Language talk.
Eye talk.
Eye to eye
like a wow….