The readability of a picture. A question of distances. Stimulate the optical behavior. Keep your eyes on the move. The picture as terrain. Relations of the depth.
Transparency of the layers. Realization of the experiment. Surprise the perception.

Born in 1968 in Hamburg, Onno Ennoson has been devoting himself to the exploration and consolidation of images, signs and soundscapes since the mid-nineties.
Calligraphic methodology & typographs, rhythms & vibrations, stratifications and interweaving, visual poetry & collage, resonances & room-play.

„Making pictures is a game where I appreciate all levels … Stretching the canvas like the skin of a drum … The primer, the whitening …
The stalking around the prepared canvas, the weighing, at which point with which brush and which color in the appropriate size ratio is started …
Layers of characters, their possible blurring or deformation … The focused work in a state of flowing … The distancing to explore the terrain
by means of a view of the respective becoming / arising …The sometime-knowledge of ‚it’s done‘, finished …
And then with looking eyes walking through the options that have arisen, sometimes an expedition through the thicket,
sometimes pure obviousness, other times unexpected discoveries, which sometimes come as knowledge therefore …“